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Monthly dividends distribution - November 2018

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Decision of the management company

Notice Date: 07 December 2018
Record Date: 10 December 2018
Execution Date: 11 December 2018
Payment Date: 21 December 2018

The members of the board of directors of Carmignac Portfolio (the “Board of Directors”), a Société d'Investissement à Capital Variable (SICAV – open-ended investment company) established under Part I of the Luxembourg law of 17 December 2010 on undertakings for collective investment (the “Fund”), have fixed in the prospectus of the Fund, annual distribution objectives for the monthly distribution share classes.

The management company, Carmignac Gestion Luxembourg decides to instruct the monthly payments of the interim dividends for November 2018 to the holders of the following shares:

ISINCARMIGNAC PORTFOLIO Sub-fundDistributed / share (EUR)
LU1122113498Capital Cube Income A EUR0.20
LU1299302684Capital Plus Income A EUR1.22
LU1299302098Unconstrained Global Bond Income A EUR0.29
LU1623762926Unconstrained Credit A EUR0.21
LU1623763494Unconstrained Emerging Market Debt A EUR0.37
LU1163533422Patrimoine Income A EUR0.37
LU1163533349Patrimoine Income E EUR0.37
LU1163533778Patrimoine Income F EUR0.38
ISINCARMIGNAC PORTFOLIO Sub-fundDistributed / share (GBP)
LU1299302841Capital Plus Income F GBP Hdg6.29
LU0807690242Unconstrained Global Bond Income W GBP Hdg0.29
LU1748451231Unconstrained Global Bond W GBP0.29
LU1163533851Patrimoine Income F GBP0.43
LU1163533935Patrimoine Income F GBP Hdg0.39
ISINCARMIGNAC PORTFOLIO Sub-fundDistributed / share (USD)
LU1299308376Capital Cube Income E USD Hdg0.19
LU0992631134Capital Plus Income E USD Hdg1.22
LU0992630326Unconstrained Global Bond Income E USD Hdg0.33
LU0992628692Patrimoine Income E USD Hdg0.40
LU1792391838Patrimoine Income A USD Hdg0.39
ISINCARMIGNAC PORTFOLIO Sub-fundDistributed / share (CHF)
LU1299302411Capital Plus Income A CHF Hdg1.21
LU1299301876Unconstrained Global Bond Income A CHF Hdg0.29
LU1163533695Patrimoine Income A CHF Hdg0.36

Decision signed on 07 December 2018
Carmignac Gestion Luxembourg
Cyril de Girardier